We are more than just our walls

A building is made of walls and beams. We’re rebuilding a community of love and dreams. The GrandWorks non-profit organization is passionate about making life a little more grand. Be the change you want to see and together we will make it happen.


Our Mission

  • Provide the people of Champaign County a center for fun, social networking, organizational collaboration and spiritual renewal.
  • Inspire local and regional business connections to boost economic growth, reviving a culture full of opportunity, authenticity and inclusiveness.
  • Express artistic and unique creativity by showcasing surrounding talents, offering to all social, friendly and fun entertainment.

The Foundation

The GrandWorks Foundation is the non-profit organization formed in 2014 to carry out a mission to reach, restore and revive our community. A partnership of public, private and faith based organizations have come together to see that mission accomplished. It is a team of passionate people with a heartfelt desire to rekindle a community full of fun, opportunities, love and acceptance. It makes our world a better place to live and honors God who designed it to be that way to begin with.

Restoring a historic landmark is one part of a much larger, grand plan to create a new hub for family-friendly entertainment, social networking, historic preservation and new business possibilities. There are a lot of big ideas that need big support. Making it happen requires more than  “likes” and supportive comments.

GrandWorks started with overseeing the operation of the Gloria Theatre on behalf of the Urbana United Methodist Church. The organization is a collaboration between city and county government, local arts organizations, area schools and universities, small business owners, and faith-based organizations.

We need your help to spread the word. Share the story. Donate money to the cause. Be a champion for your community and become a GrandWorks ambassador.

Stay updated by signing up to our email newsletter so you know the right information to share. Tell friends and family about the project. Ask your employer to consider sponsoring the project.

Ask the leadership in your church to join the effort supporting a faith-based initiative to reach, restore and revive our community for God’s glory.

Whatever you do, take action. Things do not just happen. Things are made to happen. Put a dent in the universe starting with Champaign County with the GrandWorks Foundation.