Give To Grandworks

Give to the project and give back to our community, today. It's a grand project. The scope and scale of it is awe-inspiring and requires a large financial investment to bring to life. Giving a little goes a long way.

Spread the Word!

Use social media to spread the word about the project. Raise awareness about the project to help us get as many people involved as possible. It's free and takes just a few minutes. It really helps!


There are many different ways to volunteer at the Gloria Theatre - you can help through the renovation process or at the movies and events. Every Tuesday, volunteers meet at 6:30 PM to work on the renovation of the theater, doing anything from minor to major updates throughout the building. You can also volunteer at the movies, working either ticket sales or concessions. If you are interested in this, we do ask that you attend training, which are held every Tuesday during Volunteer Nights, or email to set up a time that is more convenient. Sign up online to volunteer at upcoming events!

Amazon Smile

Support The Gloria Theatre Through Amazon Smile There's another great way to support the GrandWorks Foundation's ongoing renovation of the Gloria Theatre! Just click on the "Go to" button, follow the instructions and Amazon will donate a portion of your Amazon purchases sales to the GrandWorks Foundation & The Gloria Theatre!