Start the Year with a Plan 1/3/2016

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Jon and Carol Umstead

“Start the New Year With a Plan” was contributed by Jon Umstead. He resides in Urbana with his wife, Carol. A member of the board of the GrandWorks Foundation, Jon is a published business author, consultant and online radio show host. He blogs regularly at where this post originally appeared.

loated, tired and resolute. That’s how many of us feel as we ring in the new year – determined that this time the resolutions will stick. I WILL lose the weight. I WILL exercise regularly. I WILL get that job. I WILL start that business. I WILL spend more time with my family. I WILL be a more spiritual person.

The year usually begins with us going hard and fast after our resolutions. But within a few weeks, for most, it turns back in to business as usual.

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