Secrets - Part 2 4/5/2016

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Ann Corfman (left) and Nancy Sherwood (right)

“Secrets” is a multi-part series contributed by Ann Corfman. Ann is a retired teacher and member of the Johnny Appleseed Society at Urbana University. Along with her writing partner, Nancy Sherwood, Ann is an authority on this local celebrity. Ann and Nancy’s book “Appleseed Values” illustrates John Chapman’s (aka Appleseed) values and asks readers to consider whether or not they live by the same.

In Part I of Secrets we asked what happened to John Chapman between his birth in Massachusetts in 1774 and his death in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 1845. What were some of the events of note during his long life?

s a young man, John traveled west across the mountains. He started planting apple seeds creating numerous nurseries of apple seedlings. Why? Because he was an entrepreneur realizing early that pioneers would be moving west to take advantage of the offer of free land in the Northwest Territory. To claim this land the settlers had to clear land, build a house and plant an orchard of fifty fruit trees.


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